Kamis, 26 April 2012

fish doll

i always missing my blog, sometime lost idea, and sometime fully with idea. this is week , so nice week. why ? because i did many activity. went for sewing class, went for teaching just 2 class. and went to market buy something that i need for sew. i made 2 fish dolls.
i like busy sunday full with crafting.
made this s fist remember me when i was elementary school. my teacher told me for made handmade at home. we can choose anything. and i got idea to made fish, that's time i made simple one from my mom fabric. purple fabric with small flower. happy of course. that's times i toke my grandma help for sewing in her old sewing machine. and i used glue for pattern on fabric. my grandma told me. she didn't take away the pattern.i didn't using dacron or silikon that's times . i was using kapuk ( its from plant) . and i was so pround that's time with my simple fish
and now i introduce my new fishes

if u interested with my fish 
u can contact me 
at Adita_az@yahoo.co.id
or sweety.honeysweety.honey1@gmail.com
or give comment at this is posting

7 komentar:

  1. yang atas sekilas jadinya kayak ayam mbak hihihi (just kidding ^^v)

  2. Yuanita a.k.a tacik : hihihi iya ya :)
    Hany Vo Gillern : thanks mbak :)

  3. hai mba salam kenal ya....lucuuuu ikannya :)

  4. Neti: hai mbak salam kenal juga ;)

  5. Fitria A: ;D sepertinya jembulnya ini menarik hati


komen donk :)


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