Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

what did i bring from cipadu?

Cipadu is a market that sells a variety of sewing tools and materials. actually located far away from my house i went with my  sewing class  friends to go there. there are more kind of fabric than at Tangerang  dan cheaper than Tangerang. so we found 1 small shop with jersey materials, they sell the material with kilos not meters. i thought thats cheaper. but for sewing the jersey materials need special sewing machine. i have no machine but prepare if i have machine some days :P .  we also found the japan zippers . its cheaper there. oh i wanna go there again but so far. yuk look what i brought from there.
i should take some of the pic with this fabric to show the colour

i just have plan to made baby clothes. 
cipadu ,,,, i wanna go there again :)

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komen donk :)


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