Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

i m falling in love with u

dear my honey, i miss u so much
ok i m falling in love with style from Japan,( so sad to hear about tsunami n  earthquake) . looking the news in tv one , how the water comes.
i found a online shop.. why i like japan style cos sometime the made clothes who muslim can also wear (maksud saya kebanyakan bajunya bisa dipakai oleh muslim)  many beautiful clothes in here.. ARTKA. may be some clothes should need to modification in hand part (we need  longer  part in hand than in this pic)
its one of my favourite... so nice 
i got this s picture from artka site
i wish can join sewing course. cos i want made clothes from my design (hehhehe). but in this s site , they using japan language so dont know to read but enjoy with the pic. 
n i also found this s one site cici site there is also has many collection of clothes
we just need add hijab 
again using japan"s language
but enjoy with many beautiful pic
how abt u?
which one do u like?

2 komentar:

  1. i like them (ARTKA and Cici-shop) too..
    i think they use Chinese language, not Japan ^^

    1. yeah may be i dont know just suggest it ;) thanks for visiting


komen donk :)


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