Minggu, 28 November 2010

idly by honey and sweety

hmmmmmmmmmm i want eat it

my friend say the name's of this s food is idly. its from south indian food. how is the taste? i dont know :-)
some day i wanna to eat it. he told me about dosa also. when i saw the picture in the first, i guessd it s from rice. is it same with serabi from indonesia? let see the pic?
this s pic from this s site
serabi is from rice flour,wheat flour n coconut milk.
n next question is t same with pancake?
this s pic from this s site
this  are  the  pics  of  the  idly a famous south indian food,its really very much tasty,with idly 2 types of liquids are given for taste,its known as chatni,its tasty and yummi.i like this much.

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  1. Bentuknya mirip serabi ya ... pasti enak tuh rasanya


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